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Green Arrow vs Gambit

Suggested by Anon Green Arrow is definitely really good with a bow, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to let him deal with Gambit. Gambits explosive abilities work with anything he can touch and that also applies to a Green Arrow’s arrows. I’m not sure what happens if Gambit touches an arrow that has electricity or a bomb version, but I believe he can absorb the kinetic energy of the latter. The former would be interesting to see, but with his athletic abilities it won’t really be a factor. Green Arrow is actually very proficient in hand to hand combat as well, but I’d give Gambit the slight edge here. Furthermore, having actual powers gives him an edge as well. Gambit wins.

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Toad (Marvel) vs Gambit

Toad (Marvel) is pretty athletic and can jump his way out of danger. Of course it won’t save him this time. Gambit is too well prepared and has his cards. With them he can take down Toad (Marvel) pretty quickly. His hand to hand skills are also much better than Toad’s. Gambit wins.

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Cyclops vs Gambit

A pretty close fight. Gambit’s powers have been pretty great at times and he just needs to look at someone to blow them up. He also has enhanced speed. Cyclops has his famous optic blasts and with them he can take down many xmen. Also in Evolution he got a power up. This fight goes down to the wire, but in the end Gambit wins.