Two Face vs Vixen

Suggested by Sonic Two Face is pretty good at stirring up crime and general unease. He’s got a gun as well as other weapons but this won’t be enough to stop Vixen. She is able to harness the powers of animal spirits to amp up her abilities. She used to rely on a crystal to do this but doesn’t even need it anymore. Two Face won’t be ready to deal with the speed of a cheetah or the power of an elephant so he will end up falling here. Vixen just has him beat in pure skill. Vixen wins.

Batwoman vs Vixen

Suggested by Sonic Vixen is a powerhouse in combat to the point where many would probably underestimate her. She can restore her body from almost nothing with her high level of healing regeneration. Vixen could copy other powers at her height like when she copied Green Lantern’s Power Ring. Batwoman is a very talented hand to hand fighter and does have the edge there, but it doesn’t matter when she is completely blown away in both speed and power by Vixen. They can’t even really be said to be in the same league. Vixen wins.

Booster Gold vs Vixen

Booster Gold is pretty powerful and he’s got some pretty impressive gadgets at his disposal. Vixen has a lot of animal talents at her disposal, but they won’t be able to stop a fighter of Booster Gold’s level. Booster Gold can fire some intense energy blasts and he can definitely endure a lot of powerful attacks. Booster Gold wins.

Martian Manhunter vs Vixen

Martian Manhunter is pretty strong and he has gone up against Superman in the past. Vixen is tough in her own right, but I don’t think that she will be able to handle this Martian. Martian Manhunter hasn’t gotten a win in a while, so at least now he can beef up his record. Martian Manhunter wins.

Superman vs Vixen

Superman is back once again and he appears to be losing! At the very least, he’s definitely surprised. Vixen has some pretty good abilities, but in the end they won’t be enough to stop this kryptonian. Superman is just too powerful and I don’t think that Vixen will be able to stop him. Superman wins.

Vixen vs Bly

Vixen is back, but now she’s up against the legendary Bly! Bly is superb at hand to hand combat and there are very few fighters who could hope to match him. Bly has been winning a lot lately and at this rate he may just make it to 100-0! Still, that’s definitely a far away mark at this point. Bly wins.

Vixen vs Hawkgirl

Well Vixen is definitely a better fighter on the ground, since she can obtain the power and speed advantage. Of course I don’t think she’d do as well in the air and Hawkgirl has the flying advantage. The mace isn’t a great weapon to have, but it just may be enough to win this round. Hawkgirl wins.