Booster Gold vs Vixen

Booster Gold is pretty powerful and he’s got some pretty impressive gadgets at his disposal. Vixen has a lot of animal talents at her disposal, but they won’t be able to stop a fighter of Booster Gold’s level. Booster Gold can fire some intense energy blasts and he can definitely endure a lot of powerful attacks. Booster Gold wins.

Booster Gold vs Superman

Booster Gold is a pretty impressive fighter! He’s definitely not someone that you want to underestimate, but he still can’t handle Superman! Superman is one of those guys who won’t go down with a fight. One good punch from him and everyone will fall fast! Superman rises up the ranks with this win. Superman wins.

Booster Gold vs Joker


At times like these, Joker’s best bet is his Emperor form. Still, I’m not sure if even that can take on Booster Gold! Booster Gold can fire energy blasts and is pretty fast. Not to mention that he can tank some pretty intense hits. Joker was tough, but in the end not tough enough to win this round. Booster Gold wins.