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Steve Trevor vs Master Chief

This may have looked like an easy win for the Chief at first, but I’m afraid that things aren’t always as they appear to be. Steve Trevor once got a power up which gave him abilities that were about on par with Wonder Woman’s when his dream was turned into reality by harvesting spirits and ectoplasm and creating Captain Wonder…or something like that. Either way, Master Chief can’t hope to keep up with him anymore. Steve Trevor wins.

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Steve Trevor vs Superman

Steve Trevor is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be, but he’s no match for Superman. He gets captured much more often and has less finesse over all. Superman just needs one punch to give himself a solid victory. Of course he’ll probably drag it out while smirking instead. Superman wins.

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X 23 vs Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is back, but he’s not much of a fighter. X 23 has more experience in combat and beats him with ease. What Steve Trevor needs is a good power up one of these years. One that will make him more of a notable character. X 23 is just a lot stronger than Steve Trevor and wins this round. X 23 wins.

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Wonder Woman vs Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor has always thought he was tough, but always manages to lose in the end. He doesn’t have the power that Wonder Woman has. Wonder Woman knows a high degree of hand to hand combat and has Super Speed and Super Strength to back it up. Steve Trevor has his gun, and it’s helped him a couple times in the past, but never against someone with Wonder Woman’s talent. Wonder Woman wins this match easily. Steve Trevor might not be remembered. Wonder Woman wins.