Hakushuu Murasame vs Nakoruru

Nakoruru is a strong fighter who is capable at close range but also with using her magical abilities. That said, she isn’t nearly fast enough to make use of this against Hakushuu. Hakushuu is fast enough to block a barrage of bullets and lasers from close range and her power is considerable as well. She just has Nakoruru completely beat when it comes to close range speed and firepower. As a result, this match should be over quite quickly. Hakushuu Murasame wins.

Nakoruru vs Batgirl

Suggested by iKnowledge Batgirl is a talented hand to hand fighter with a lot of gadgets at her disposal. That won’t be enough to defeat a more magical based opponent though. Nakoruru is very talented at hand to hand and with her sword but she also has the ability to enhance each blow with magic or fire the energy off directly. Batgirl isn’t prepared to handle an opponent with metahuman abilities like that and would ultimately be overwhelmed. Nakoruru wins.