Hakushuu Murasame vs White

White is one of the strongest Slayers out there. In the Tower of God he can compete with just about any foe. While Hakushuu is pretty proud of her swordsmanship, it would not be able to compete with White. White can strike in a way where it is nearly impossible to follow the path of his blade. A single strike would end this match and he has the speed to pull it off. White wins.

Hakushuu Murasame vs Nakoruru

Nakoruru is a strong fighter who is capable at close range but also with using her magical abilities. That said, she isn’t nearly fast enough to make use of this against Hakushuu. Hakushuu is fast enough to block a barrage of bullets and lasers from close range and her power is considerable as well. She just has Nakoruru completely beat when it comes to close range speed and firepower. As a result, this match should be over quite quickly. Hakushuu Murasame wins.