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Magnus the Red vs Emma Frost

Magnus the Red makes his blog debut with this round! He’s a strong fighter from Warhammer, but I don’t see him taking Emma Frost down. Emma Frost once possessed half of the Phoenix Force and her abilities were incredible. She gave Thor a pretty good fight and Magnus The Red would have a hard time even damaging her. I’m afraid that he wouldn’t last very long in this round. Emma Frost wins.

9 thoughts on “Magnus the Red vs Emma Frost”

  1. Moron. Khornate Daemon Princes like Magnus are heavily resistant to the point they are nearly immune to psychic or magic attacks while he outmatches her in speed and strength since he’s a casual bullet timer with near light speed reflexes like his brother Sanguinius. Magnus’s brother Vulkan could cause immense earthquakes to decimate armies with a single punch and all Primarchs are around equal strength. Baby primarchs survived crashing into the cores of planets from space with NO armour at all before proceeding to swim through the lava and crawling out. Emma Frost loses. A weakened and wounded unarmoured Angron (Primarch) could lift a huge mech and destroy it barehanded after he threw it down. Magnus possesses strength around Angron’s level.

    1. This just got personal. Bullet timers are decent to be sure…but that’s nowhere near Emma’s level in speed. The planets feat sounds promising though. I’ll just need some scans to verify them.

      1. Yeah but he has FTL reaction speeds and the thing about baby Primarchs crashing into the cores of planets are on the 40k wiki and in the 40k books as well.

      2. I’ll be on the lookout for it then, but there may be circumstances there like how Saiyans are sent to the planets at the beginning of DBZ. Either way, Emma can blast away at him from the sky as well.

      3. Right, but were they in pods or did they just crash through the cores without any protection? It would seem rather inconsistent with their other feats unless they could phase through it or something.

      4. Her blasts won’t do anything though. And if she tries to use her psychic powers directly on her, the Eye of Terror will notice her and the Warp will crush her mind. Thats a perk of being a Daemon Prince. You are backed up by the warp and the Eye of Terror when it comes to defense against psychic attacks.

      5. Instead of psychic abilities, then she can just use her Phoenix attacks to take out the planet. That being said, I’m not sure if the Warp could overwhelm her mind. Emma Frost is already a great telepath and the Phoenix Force amps up her abilities considerably.

  2. Magnus would mindcrush and soulcrush Emma so hard before she can even react. Even before he became a Daemon Prince, he was second only to the Emperor in terms of psychic power. Alpha plus psykers aa solar system-level threat, and Magnus eclipses them. Emma would need full access to the Phoenix Force if she wants to defeat Magnus; anything less is just a win for the Crimson King of Prospero.

    1. I dunno, he definitely is an incredible threat, but Emma and the Phoenix Force is very hard to lose. While she never did obtain the entire Phoenix Force, I believe at her best she got 50%. Magnus’ psychic powers are formidable so Emma wouldn’t win that way, but with her physical abilities amped up so high I just don’t see her losing here

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