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Black War Greymon vs Gallantmon

Suggested by Sonic Black War Greymon is a very powerful Digimon and he was always one of the cooler Digimon to show up in season 2 as well. The guy has a hype design and his Destroyer attack really covers a large range. I believe Gallantmon has the edge in power and skill though. His shield and spear weapons are just perfect for this matchup. The reason he will lose is because of Omnimon’s dark counterpart though. Black War Greymon can go one step closer and in his super mega form not even Gallantmon Crimson would be able to manage a comeback. I’m afraid this would just be the end of the road for him. Black War Greymon wins.

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Gallantmon vs K’

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa K’ is a pretty tough hand to hand fighter who always gives each match his 100% effort. The guy’s not going to back down from this fight, but he is completely outmatched in terms of firepower. Gallantmon can easily crush him with a repeated volley of energy blasts. K’ won’t be quite fast enough to dodge them all and his durability isn’t enough to withstand them either. This digital monster will be too much for him. Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Zero EXE

Zero EXE is not as powerful as his X counterpart, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. His sword skills are able to give Protoman a run for his money and Zero also has a few long range options. Gallantmon’s blasts are definitely more powerful though while he loses at close quarters combat. I’d say that Zero is simply outgunned in this round as his sword speed is not enough to stop Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just! Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Charizard

Growlmon, why
Gallantmon is a pretty powerful Mega Level Digimon and he’s one of the strongest Digimon out there, period! Charizard has a lot of attacks at his disposal and he’s a pretty fierce opponent, but he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Gallantmon. His Mega Form is impressive as well, but Gallantmon has the speed advantage easily and his fire power is a lot greater than Charizard’s as well. They’re both solid fighters, but Gallantmon is basically superior to Charizard in all categories and that’s why he takes the win. Gallantmon wins.

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digimon vs. pokemon

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Gallantmon vs Hawkeye

Hawkeye has his arrows, but they just aren’t enough to take down Gallantmon. Gallantmon has fought stronger opponents in the past and his durability is pretty high so Hawkeye won’t be taking him down anytime soon. Gallantmon only needs one good hit to win the match and take Hawkeye out of the fight. Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Bulma

Bulma has a gun, but guns aren’t very useful against Gallantmon and she won’t be able to keep up with his speed. Gallantmon is far too powerful and he has many abilities at his disposal. Bulma never really stood a chance against such a high level opponent and she drops down the ranks with this loss. Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Green Arrow

Green Arrow has his arrows at the ready and he’s a decent hand to hand fighter, but he’s just not strong enough to take Gallantmon down for the count. Gallantmon has defeated many powerful opponents in the past and he has a nice arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Green Arrow won’t survive being hit by Gallantmon’s attacks. Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Pikachu

Guilmon can eat Pikachu
Gallantmon has his Shield of the Just attack which can be pretty deadly. Pikachu’s speed will allow him to dodge Gallantmon’s attacks for a while, but eventually they will catch up to him. Not even Pikachu’s Volt Tackle would be able to take Gallantmon down quickly enough for him to have won the battle. Gallantmon wins.

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Gallantmon vs Greymon

Gallantmon and Greymon are both pretty powerful digimon. They both have many forms and their mega forms are among the strongest out there! Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just is incredibly durable, but Wargreymon’s Terra Force is as tough as it gets. I think Greymon takes the close win. Greymon wins.