K’ vs Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Suggested by iKnowledge Valkenhayn is incredibly fast and powerful. He only needs an instant to get K’ to lower his guard or even to just break through his defenses and it’s all over. Even if K’ plays this extremely cautious, I don’t see him walking out with a win. The gap in ability is just too great and since Valkenhayn only needs one clean shot, there’s no getting around that. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing wins.

K’ vs Edelgard

Suggested by iKnowledge K’ has some good fire abilities which amp up his already formidable hand to hand skills, but I don’t see this being enough here. The range and sheer attack power from Edelgard is considerably greater than K’s. He won’t be able to endure even 2-3 of her full power shots and this will also make it really difficult for him to get close. He can’t go in without a plan and I see her landing a hit real quick. Edelgard wins.

Gallantmon vs K’

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa K’ is a pretty tough hand to hand fighter who always gives each match his 100% effort. The guy’s not going to back down from this fight, but he is completely outmatched in terms of firepower. Gallantmon can easily crush him with a repeated volley of energy blasts. K’ won’t be quite fast enough to dodge them all and his durability isn’t enough to withstand them either. This digital monster will be too much for him. Gallantmon wins.