Jadeite vs Edelgard

Suggested by iKnowledge Jadeite has good illusions but lets face it, that won’t be enough to do a whole lot against Edelgard. She is a much better close quarters fighter with greater levels of speed and destructive power. It will take everything Jadeite has just to stay out of her way. If she connects with even a glancing blow then he is going to take massive damage that he can’t really afford to endure at this point. He has no shot here. Edelgard wins.

Artemisia vs Edelgard

Edelgard is an excellent tactician, field leader, and combatant. She can certainly hold her own against most fighters but up against one of the 5 dragon lords she would be no match. Artemisia’s time manipulation is on point and even aside from that she has tremendous attack power and defense. Edelgard will have a hard time dealing any significant damage when you factor in the high speed regeneration as well. There is just no path to victory. Artemisia wins.

K’ vs Edelgard

Suggested by iKnowledge K’ has some good fire abilities which amp up his already formidable hand to hand skills, but I don’t see this being enough here. The range and sheer attack power from Edelgard is considerably greater than K’s. He won’t be able to endure even 2-3 of her full power shots and this will also make it really difficult for him to get close. He can’t go in without a plan and I see her landing a hit real quick. Edelgard wins.