Aeos vs Artemisia

It’s time for a battle of cosmic characters. Artemisis is incredibly powerful but I don’t see her being able to take on someone who was actually able to hold her own against Goku in his Ultra Instinct mode. It’s just not going to happen because Aeos is fast enough to get around the time manipulation. The gap in raw power is also significant so that’ll be game over. Aeos wins.

Artemisia vs Edelgard

Edelgard is an excellent tactician, field leader, and combatant. She can certainly hold her own against most fighters but up against one of the 5 dragon lords she would be no match. Artemisia’s time manipulation is on point and even aside from that she has tremendous attack power and defense. Edelgard will have a hard time dealing any significant damage when you factor in the high speed regeneration as well. There is just no path to victory. Artemisia wins.