Goku vs Aeos

Aeos is one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball. She achieved this strength the instant she was able to hold her own against Goku’s initial Ultra Instinct stage. It’s a very impressive feat on her end but that being said, Goku still has the edge here. If he enters his mastered form or a fusion of some kind then that will be curtains for Aeos. There won’t be any coming back from that and at the end of the day nobody is taking Goku down. Goku wins.

Aeos vs Artemisia

It’s time for a battle of cosmic characters. Artemisis is incredibly powerful but I don’t see her being able to take on someone who was actually able to hold her own against Goku in his Ultra Instinct mode. It’s just not going to happen because Aeos is fast enough to get around the time manipulation. The gap in raw power is also significant so that’ll be game over. Aeos wins.