Gallantmon vs Greymon

Gallantmon and Greymon are both pretty powerful digimon. They both have many forms and their mega forms are among the strongest out there! Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just is incredibly durable, but Wargreymon’s Terra Force is as tough as it gets. I think Greymon takes the close win. Greymon wins.

6 thoughts on “Gallantmon vs Greymon

    • That may have been their intent, but I don’t believe that it worked. I would take Agumon in a fight over Guilmon, although Guilmon’s ultimate form defeats Agumon. It really depends on their form, but I’d say that the strongest Agumon digievolution can beat the strongest Guilmon power up

  1. Guilmon was already fighting champion level digimon in his rookie form. Agumon and the other digidestines digimon couldn’t beat a champion level digimon. Even at the end of the season, agumon still had to digivolve to defeat digimon of higher level.

    • That may be true for the original Agumon, but we can’t forget the Power House from Savers. That guy was a beast and I’m sure that he could potentially take Guilmon down. Once we get into Shining Greymon Ruin Mode…..things just get out of hand!

    • Wait a second there, Shinegreymon’s final form in Digimon Data Squad was way stronger than Gallantmon. This is composite so Greymong gets that, otherwise, Greymon would definitely get wrecked!

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