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Waluigi vs Martian Manhunter

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits Waluigi has always been a pretty interesting Mario villain. He is good with a tennis racket and he’s also not a bad dancer. That being said, his physical abilities are nothing special and the Martian doesn’t even have to just rely on his super strength. His shape shifting will let him slip around all of Waluigi’s attacks and he can take his time before dealing the knockout blow. Make no mistake, one shot is all that this Manhunter is going to need to end the round. Waluigi just doesn’t have a whole lot of defense to protect him. Martian Manhunter wins.

5 thoughts on “Waluigi vs Martian Manhunter”

      1. Definitely, Waluigi’s just seen as a sports character at this point when he’s so much more. Glad to have met a true Waluigi fan! =) This would definitely give him that respect

      2. Yeah I feel like he could do more than just appear in parties or sports. If Daisy could get into Smash, I would love to have Waluigi in it. He gets into the game, I would be so happy I could cry.

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