Takato vs Ash

Takato is back and he’s up against the Pokemon Master in training! Ash has always wanted to become a Pokemon Master, but he probably never will. He lacks the dedication needed to be the master. Takato just needs his Guilmon to take down all of Ash’s pokemon in a pretty short amount of time. Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just would take out just about all of them in one shot. The few remaining won’t be able to withstand his other attacks. Not even Pikachu can overcome this guy. Takato wins.

Takato vs Tai

Takato makes his debut and he’s up against the original digital hero! Tai has his trusty Agumon while Takato has his dependable Guilmon. Both of them have powerful mega forms and their power is unheard of. I’d say that Tai has this due to his superior hand to hand skills and War Greymon’s incredible power. Tai wins.