Takato vs Tai

Takato makes his debut and he’s up against the original digital hero! Tai has his trusty Agumon while Takato has his dependable Guilmon. Both of them have powerful mega forms and their power is unheard of. I’d say that Tai has this due to his superior hand to hand skills and War Greymon’s incredible power. Tai wins.

4 thoughts on “Takato vs Tai

  1. It would be awesome to see Crimson Gallantmon face Omnimon, but not sure if Gallantmon can easily defeat Omnimon’s other forms (especially if he is in his Crimson mode)

    But whoever wins, i still think it would be a cool fight

    • Yeah, this would definitely be a really close fight. I find that Gallantmon tends to look more impressive at times in terms of speed, but Omnimon’s power is so strong that I could potentially see him breaking Gallantmon’s shield. This could definitely go either way

      • Yeah, Gallantmon might be able to damage Omnimon but i can’t see him easily defeating him though it would be an awesome fight to see.

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