Metal Sonic vs Static Shock

Static Shock is back and he’s ready to bring the hurt. Little did he know that the hurt was coming for him. Metal Sonic is a high above and it’s a simple matter to take Static Shock down. Static Shock drops into doom. Metal Sonic wins.

Rayquaza vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is one of the big fighters in this league and is not to be underestimated. Rayquaza may be a cool dragon but he can’t take on the power. Metal Sonic has the ability to transform into Metal Overlord, which is his strongest form. In this form, he was able to take on multiple opponents who were moving at a tremendous speed and his durability is off the charts. Rayquaza wouldn’t be able to match his speed or sheer ferocity and while he has a lot of battle experience, Metal Sonic’s AI is too advanced and he would be able to make plans to defeat him. Metal Sonic wins.

A link to the original image is below and This illustration was created by ToaAntan.

Metal Sonic vs Egghead

Metal Sonic has super speed and he has the skills to take on an infinite number of Eggheads. Egghead is just a villain who wanted to be tough and failed epicly. He’s just no Metal Sonic, that’s for sure. Metal Sonic will always be known as a strong warrior. Metal Sonic wins.