Crimson Dragon vs Rayquaza

Suggested by Destroyer The Crimson Dragon was a pretty cool final boss for the Megaman SF series. He may have come out of nowhere to an extent, but it was still pretty climactic. That being said, Rayquaza has his Mega mode and even his normal form is already fairly strong and fast. The Crimson Dragon is no slouch with his array of energy blasts, but Rayquaza is just more versatile with his attacks. He is also quicker and has more battle experience. Rayquaza wins.

Rayquaza vs Palkia

I feel a little bad for Palkia. He looked downright pitiful in the anime movies as the writers seem to dislike him and then Palkia didn’t even get a Mega form. Someday he probably will, but that won’t help at this moment since Rayquaza already has a powered up form. His speed was already great and the Mega Mode will ensure that his defense and power are also up to snuff. Palkia may as well throw in the towel because this close match just turned into an absolute stomp. Rayquaza wins.

Rayquaza vs Choomba

Choomba is back, but I think it’s safe to say that he’s completely outmatched in this round. Rayquaza is a pretty giant pokemon and one good blast should end this round in an instant. Choomba is definitely scary looking, but that’s not enough to win battles. This deciding victory should help to boost Rayquaza’s rep. Rayquaza wins.

Veemon vs Rayquaza

Rayquaza has some pretty decent fighting techniques, but that’s just not going to cut it against Veemon! In his Imperialdramon form, he has access to energy blasts of such magnitude that they could even overpower the legendary hyper beam. Veemon is also faster than Rayquaza ans his defense is good enough to take this round. Veemon wins.

Rayquaza vs Fox

Fox is back and this time he’s up against Rayquaza! Rayquaza is a pretty big pokemon and he knows when it’s time to get serious! His Arwing is pretty fast and his reflector is good against any possible beam attempts. I don’t think Rayquaza will be able to win this round. Fox wins.

Update! Fox’s reflector can definitely come in handy and his arwing is intense, but Rayquaza is a legendary pokemon for a reason. Fox is decently fast and strong, but Rayquaza’s arsenal of attacks is just too large. One good hyper beam would finish Fox off and he can’t reflect the blasts forever. Rayquaza wins.

Rayquaza vs Ridley

Rayquaza is a pretty strong opponent, but he lacks hand to hand skills. Ridley’s just too powerful for Rayquaza. Rayquaza can fire some pretty nifty beams that can even destroy whole cities! Of course Ridley’s fireballs aren’t to be underestimated. This is a tricky match for Ridley, but in the end he wins. Ridley wins.

Update! Now I think that Rayquaza has what it takes to win this round. He has a large array of power attacks. Energy balls, lasers, and even close range combat abilities; Rayquaza possesses them all. Ridley is strong, but his defense his weakness and Rayquaza’s hard hitting attacks would defeat him. Rayquaza wins.

Rayquaza vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is one of the big fighters in this league and is not to be underestimated. Rayquaza may be a cool dragon but he can’t take on the power. Metal Sonic has the ability to transform into Metal Overlord, which is his strongest form. In this form, he was able to take on multiple opponents who were moving at a tremendous speed and his durability is off the charts. Rayquaza wouldn’t be able to match his speed or sheer ferocity and while he has a lot of battle experience, Metal Sonic’s AI is too advanced and he would be able to make plans to defeat him. Metal Sonic wins.

A link to the original image is below and This illustration was created by ToaAntan.

Rayquaza vs Snakeman

Rayquaza has lots of power. He beat Diddy Kong and fought Fox. Snakeman is very weak. He mostly hides in his jar to keep himself safe. Not even his jar would save him from Rayquaza. Rayquaza is too strong. Rayquaza wins, but Snakeman does have his battle chips. Rayquaza wins.