Need for Speed (2015) Update

I now have the platinum trophy! Definitely didn’t take too long since beating the game did most of the work there but always fun to add another one to the collection. Might be a little longer until the next one but I’ve already got a game that I’m eyeing as the next target.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated Update

I now have the Platinum trophy! Woohooooooo, I’ve made it to the end. The only somber part is that means I probably won’t be playing the game again anytime soon but it’s always a great feeling to get to the top. In the end this was definitely a solid platformer.

Sonic Frontiers Update

I now have the Platinum Trophy! I told you all this would be game of the year right from the jump so of course I also had to make sure I went in and played it all the way to the Platinum. It’s surprising that you don’t have to get all S ranks or even come close to getting all collectibles for the Platinum but it just goes like that sometimes. Hopefully we get a big sequel sooner than later!

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Update

I’ve finally achieved the Platinum trophy in this one! Always fun to finally get up to 100% and safely take another game off the list. This was a solid game all around and hopefully they make another one soon.

Mega Man X Dive Update

I’ve finally reached a power level of 1 million! This places me in 51st place in the whole world! (Disclaimer that the rankings are separated by server so I’m rank 51 in Global Highway at least) Since last time I’ve gone up from Level 79 to 152 so that’s been a solid jump. My galleries have all nearly doubled and I’ve also nearly maxed out all of my chips. I’m inching closer to the reaching the max level in this game at 180 and then this can join Pokemon Go as two games that I played all the way through to the top!

Pokemon Go Update

It took 6 years since the game released but at last I have reached Level 50! As of now there are no more levels so I have made it to the endpoint of the game. It’s been quite the journey to get there.

So lets look at some key stats in my journey to Level 50.

I’ve walked 13,677.8KM
I’ve caught 155,256 Pokemon
I’ve visited 159,129 Pokestops
My total XP is 181, 312, 340
My Pokedex is 762 Seen and 754 Caught.

Now with that completed, I focus on my main goal once more which is to get one of every Pokemon evolution line to Level 40. I’ve already completed Kanto and am close on Johto. This one’ll take a while and I’ll probably slow down a bit now that I’m level 50 but I’ll keep the updates coming for when I have gotten more Pokemon powered up.

Bubsy: The Woolie Strikes Back Update

Uncle Bubsy is always a really solid main character so it was fun to get back to this game. I’ve now earned all the trophies! It’s been a solid run so far so we’ll see how long it takes to 100% the next game. I’ve already got a promising prospect though so you may see it pretty quick.

New Super Lucky’s Tale Update

I’ve got my next platinum! The trophies in this game aren’t too hard to get so I’d recommend it if you’re looking for your next conquest. Feels good, this was definitely a fun game so getting the Platinum trophy was a pleasant experience. Definitely a well crafted game that I would recommend all the way. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage Update

I technically did this a little while ago and never posted, but I got all the trophies in Kingdom Hears 0.2! Feels good, this was definitely a fun mini Kingdom Hearts game. No Platinum trophy here unfortunately but getting all of the trophies was still fun. It’s always somber to think that I might not play the game again now that it’s 100% complete.