Lugnut Supreme vs Johnny

Suggested by Sonic Lugnut Supreme is pretty powerful. If he can land a direct blow he can deal a considerable amount of damage even to someone like Johnny. That being said, the speedster should be okay. He’s certainly fast enough to dodge any attack with ease. While Johnny’s own attack arsenal is rather limited, his super speed headbutt will have to lead the way in piling up damage until he reaches the core. Johnny wins.

Johnny vs One Above All

Johnny has a lot of speed and he can put up a tough fight when he needs too. The One Above All just doesn’t have a chance against Johnny. Johnny has been shown to be a good driver and he doesn’t seem like the type to give up. The One Above All may have lost another round, but he gave it his all. Johnny wins.

Johnny vs Sonic

Johnny is basically the new and improved mecha rival for Sonic. Johnny is incredibly fast, but he’s not quite as quick as Sonic. Sonic has a lot more experience under his belt and he’s obtained many power ups. He won’t need any of them to take Johnny down for the count, but it’s good to have them for insurance. Sonic’s been doing pretty well lately! Sonic wins.

Johnny vs Lazerman

Lazerman is a being of power. With his abilities there are few that can match him. Johnny is his superior in speed, but in raw power Lazerman takes the win. Johnny just wasn’t strong enough to win this one and falls down the rankings. Maybe he’ll rise again soon. Until then things are sad for his fans. Lazerman wins.

Metal Sonic vs Johnny

Metal Sonic is back and not even Johnny can defeat him. Metal Sonic has speed that is even greater than Sonic’s and he can use it to pwn. Metal Sonic also has a barrier that can block nearly any attack. Johnny has some speed, but in the end it’s not enough to defeat Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic wins.

Johnny vs Captain Whisker

Captain Whisker makes his blog debut, but this time it’ll be with a loss. He may be tough, but he’s not as fast or tough as Johnny. Johnny was one of the best new Sonic characters. Maybe The best. His speed and power are not to be underestimated and he fought with the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog. Johnny wins.