Lugnut Supreme vs Johnny

Suggested by Sonic Lugnut Supreme is pretty powerful. If he can land a direct blow he can deal a considerable amount of damage even to someone like Johnny. That being said, the speedster should be okay. He’s certainly fast enough to dodge any attack with ease. While Johnny’s own attack arsenal is rather limited, his super speed headbutt will have to lead the way in piling up damage until he reaches the core. Johnny wins.

Lugnut Supreme vs Airachnid

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight and won where power actually trumps speed this time around. Airachnid is pretty quick and does have some good moves, but she just won’t be able to survive many direct hits here. Lugnut Supreme’s punch is so effective that is causes a massive energy wave. The damage dealt from it with the normal Lugnuts is pretty overrated with how everyone always walks away unscathed but his physical power is still good. That move will be a good way to stun Airachnid while he lands the finishing blow. For all her cunning and planning I don’t believe Airachnid will be able to dodge him for long. Lugnut Supreme wins.

Lazerman vs Lugnut Supreme

Lazerman is back. Let’s not forget that he has a Disruption Beam that can do some pretty heavy duty damage. Lugnut Supreme may be a pretty cool robot, but coolness doesn’t save you in fights. Even if it did Lazerman’s far cooler and would win in an instant. Lazerman’s just too powerful! Lazerman wins.