Gorilla Grodd vs Hinata

Suggested by iKnowledge Gorilla Grodd is a pretty powerful DC villain and certainly one of the most well known adversaries of the Flash. He has a strong intellect and some telepathic abilities, but those won’t be enough to stop Hinata. Hinata knows the Byakugan and also has great hand to hand skills to supplement this ability. Her speed is also great enough where she will be able to dodge Grodd’s more powerful attacks and counter with some moves of her own. No matter what Gorilla Grodd tries he just won’t be able to hit her and Hinata can disrupt her chakra to counter any possible telepathic attacks. Hinata wins.

2 thoughts on “Gorilla Grodd vs Hinata

  1. I’m not a fan of Naruto, and I don’t doubt Hinata’s power(s) and speed, but Gorilla Grodd is an enemy of DC’s Flashes for a reason, http://i.imgur.com/ZEEsaib.jpg, http://i.imgur.com/8zJtXeS.jpg. Considering how many times the speed of light and anything else the Speed Force is, that says a lot for his favor. He can also keep up with Powersuit Lex Luthor-https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/7/72848/1767067-ac_cv893_02.jpg. His strength should also be taken into account: http://i.imgur.com/Dk2jC8G.jpg, http://i.imgur.com/ceIArHU.jpg, http://i.imgur.com/kIZumbo.jpg. Check this Reddit out to see further examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/330686/respect_gorilla_grodd_dc_postcrisis/. Admittedly, that Flash was Wally West, who may not be the fastest of Flashes, but my defense has decided to rest.

    • Grodd is really strong for sure, but half the time he catches Flash he really shouldn’t. When you’re moving at that speed then catching up should be next to impossible. If Hinata tries to match him blow for blow then she definitely will be in trouble, but she should be able to weave in and out of his punches with her own hand to hand expertise. Grodd’s reaction times are impressive, but they won’t be enough. Additionally her hits will be sealing off his chakra points and will limit his power with each move.

      I always thought the Flash’s rogue gallery was interesting because most of them don’t seem like they should be a threat to him. It’s always tough to create a situation where he doesn’t have the edge.

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