Mukuro vs Yoh

Suggested by Sonic Mukuro has a lot of powerful illusions at his disposal and he can also make them tangible which is a really useful ability for any illusion user. That said, he won’t be able to defeat Yoh here. Yoh still has the overall edge in power, speed, and durability. Mukuro would have a very hard time tracking Yoh at any point and would instantly get overwhelmed once Yoh got serious. The difference in their fighting potential is too vast. Yoh wins.

Silva vs Yoh

Silva is a pretty powerful member of the Shaman fight. He certainly gave Yoh a good fight and I was glad about this because up to now most of the organizers weren’t too impressive. That said, Yoh certainly surpassed him by a wide margin. Silva’s totem attacks are too limited compared to the many ways in which Yoh can manifest his OS. He would definitely be able to outmaneuver Silva consistently and shatter any defense that the guy has. Yoh wins.

Gohan vs Yoh

Yoh is definitely a powerful shaman, but he still isn’t anywhere close to being ready to deal with a Saiyan like Gohan. Gohan has his Mystic form which makes him effectively invincible against almost all fighters. I don’t think Yoh will really have any answer to this form. The kid’s attacks are strong, but none of them are fast enough to land and Gohan’s attacks are also considerably more powerful. A Kamehameha wave should end this. Gohan wins.

Yoh vs Rainbow Dash

The tournament continues as Rainbow Dash goes up against the powerful Shaman. Both of these fighters may have racked up a very impressive record, but I’m afraid that their abilities are on completely different levels. Yoh has an Oversoul which could crush Rainbow with a single hit and he also has the speed advantage. Dash has no way of getting past Yoh’s defenses either so at the end of the day her options are just very limited. This kid is simply too skilled. Yoh wins.

Imhotep vs Yoh

Imhotep isn’t done with his losses just yet! Yoh is a master in the art of sword fighting and he’s much stronger than Imhotep. Imhotep may scare most fighters, but he wouldn’t scare a Shaman. Yoh has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember and most of them are scarier and tougher than Imhotep. Yoh wins.

Camel Munzer vs Yoh

Yoh is back once again and it’s time for him to get his final win of the day. Camel Munzer is someone that shouldn’t be underestimated and while he won’t be able to deal any damage against Yoh, he’ll still be able to give it his all. Yoh has definitely risen up the ranks with these last few wins and shows that he’s still got it. Yoh wins.

Yoh vs Hao

Yoh has had a lot of wins today, but now he’s going to take a loss. Hao is an immensely powerful being from Shaman King and some may even place him on DBZ levels. Yoh is a very skilled swordsman, but I don’t believe that he will be able to take on Hao. Hao has endured giant explosions without a flinch and he’s always seemed to be on a whole different level. That being said, the new series of Shaman King may give Yoh some good power ups. Until then, Hao definitely takes the win. Hao wins.
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Savage Pan vs Yoh

Savage Pan makes his blog debut with this round and he’s ready to make some waves. Yoh has his sword skills and he’s a far better fighter than Savage Pan. Yoh has won quite a few rounds so far today and he’s not at the end of his rope just yet. Savage Pan drops down the ranks with this loss and he may not be seen again for a while. Yoh wins.

Mr Little Lake vs Yoh

Mr Little Lake is another new character to the blog and he quickly takes a loss to Yoh. Yoh has his sword at the ready and one good slash is all that he needs to win this round. Mr Little Lake may have lost this round and will probably not be back on the blog. Yoh will definitely be back in on the blog at some point. Yoh wins.

Oknox vs Yoh

Oknox may be a big fighter, but he won’t be a match for Yoh. Yoh has a lot of sword techniques at his disposal and he’s got the edge in battle experience. Oknox takes a hard loss and drops down the blog with this match, but maybe he’ll be back someday. Yoh quickly adds his wins. Yoh wins.