Brook vs Train

Brook is back, but now he’s up against the legendary gunman! Train has his Railgun and one good shot is all he needs to end this round. Brook is a decent swordsman, but with his speed disadvantage, it just won’t be enough. Train is also better in close range combat and his gun skills are remarkable. Brook just won’t be able to win this round. Train wins.

Brook vs One Above All

The One Above All is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to win this match either. Brook has some decent swordsmanship skills and the One Above All will have a tough time hurting him. Brook has the speed advantage in this round and he would be able to overpower the One Above All. It would appear that his streak is continuing. Brook wins.

Brook vs James Bond

Brook is back and he’s actually scoring a win this time! It would appear that all hope is not lost for this character. Well, if Brook had to take a win, I’m glad that it was against James Bond. James Bond is certainly worse than Brook and good luck trying to win this round with a gun! Bullets aren’t known to be very effective against Brook. Brook wins.

Brook vs Ichigo

Ichigo has his Bankai mode and one Getsuga Tenshou would end this round. Brook just doesn’t have the speed to compete with Ichigo and his durability isn’t very good. Ichigo would be able to take him down with no problem. Ichigo’s destructive power is enough to end the whole planet if he wanted too! Ichigo wins.

Brook vs Yusuke

It’s time for Brook to take another loss. Yusuke’s Spirit Gun could defeat him in one shot. Brook doesn’t have enough speed to dodge the blast and his durability won’t be enough to endure it either. Yusuke’s just on another level at this point and it will be a pretty easy win for him. Brook keeps sinking down the blog ranks. Yusuke wins.

Brook vs Naruto

Naruto is a legendary shinobi who has the 9 Tailed Fox living inside of him! With one blast, Naruto can decimate an entire village and his speed is far beyond anything that Brook can dish out. Brook has his sword skills, but they just won’t be enough this time. Swords can hardly keep up with energy blasts. Naruto wins.

Brook vs Medaka Kurokami

Brook is a pirate, but he’s not a very good person. I wouldn’t even call him a Hero! Medaka could defeat him with a single punch and it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Brook can’t hope to compete with her speed or raw power. Medaka also has several super forms, which increase her power even further. Brook never stood a chance. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Brook vs Goku

Brook is definitely the worst member of the Strawhats. Some would argue that the series lost a little steam once he joined. Luckily he vanished for the Impel Down and World’s Collide (Big War) arcs, but he’s usually around. He may be dead, but when Goku’s done with him, he’ll truly know what defeat is! Goku wins.