Sheele vs Jack (5ds)

Suggested by Sonic Jack has a lot of powerful cards at his disposal. He’s known for his fire dragons but has picked up many more monsters along the way. That said, he will still be unable to take Sheele down for the count here. Her scissors can block any attack the monsters throw at her and she’s also fast enough to stay one step ahead throughout. Jack’s army will ultimately be whittled down to nothing. Sheele wins.

Yoruichi vs Sheele

We’ve made it to the final round of the tournament. Both fighters did well to make it this far, but only one can win. Despite being the grand final I dare say that Yoruichi had a tougher fight against Crona. Sheele’s a strong fighter, but one who has to rely on one gimmick with is her fast scissor swings. There really isn’t much she can do once she is up against an opponent who can get past that. That’s why Yoruichi is one of the worst possible matchups for her. Yoruichi can easily zip in and out of the weapon’s range while launching attacks. Sheele will not be able to defend against them and will quickly be taken down for the count. Yoruichi wins.

She has officially claimed victory in this latest tournament!

Here’s a link to the full tournament bracket.

Blair (Soul Eater) vs Sheele

It’s time for the semi finals of the purple haired tournament. Blair made it pretty far but this is the end of the road for her. Her surprise pumpkin attacks will not do much here since Sheele is certainly fast enough to block and counter the hits. Sheele’s attacks are also quite deadly and one slash would end this fight. Blair has her magic skills, but none of them are enough to protect against such a foe. Sheele wins.

Sumire Kakei vs Sheele

Sumire Kakei is a skilled shinobi who has a lot of powerful water jutsu. This will be a very even match with a lot of back and forth, but Sheele is simply the deadlier fighter. She’ll be able to keep up with Sumire’s speed and will easily win in a close quarters fight since her weapon is so much larger than Sumire’s kunai. Sumire will have to try and keep this fight to mid range but thanks to Sheele’s speed this will not be possible for very long. Sheele wins.

Rize Kamishiro vs Sheele

This is definitely a close battle. Sheele is a vicious fighter at close ranger with her giant scissors which can cut through just about anything. Meanwhile Rize can manipulate multiple tentacles at once which will make for a lot of targets at once not to mention that they have some mild regenerative abilities. So can Sheele cut them all down quick enough to land some real hits on Rize before enduring the counter blows? I think so because Sheele’s speed is quite good. She definitely has the edge there and has enough stamina to keep on hitting til she gets the win. Sheele wins.