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Sumire Kakei vs Sheele

Sumire Kakei is a skilled shinobi who has a lot of powerful water jutsu. This will be a very even match with a lot of back and forth, but Sheele is simply the deadlier fighter. She’ll be able to keep up with Sumire’s speed and will easily win in a close quarters fight since her weapon is so much larger than Sumire’s kunai. Sumire will have to try and keep this fight to mid range but thanks to Sheele’s speed this will not be possible for very long. Sheele wins.

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Sumire Kakei vs Shinso

Shinso has been improving his hand to hand abilities as My Hero continues, but I don’t think he is quite ready to take on a ninja like Sumire yet. She has a good array of water jutsu at the ready and can even perform the summoning jutsu. That’s an excellent 1-2 punch that will keep Shinso on the defensive. There will be no need for her to talk so his hypnosis will be ineffective here. Sumire Kakei wins.