Yoruichi vs He Man

Yoruichi is back after not fighting on the blog for a long, long time. He Man may be a powerful guy, but he lacks the speed that Yoruichi has. Yoruichi could beat him with incredible ease thanks to her Shunko. Though even without it He Man wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance in this round. Yoruichi wins.

Fanfic version below



Ichigo vs Yoruichi

Mentor against Master. Yoruichi may have been a good mentor, but she can’t handle Ichigo as he is now. Now Ichigo has bankai, which can take out a lot of Bleach characters. Ichigo goes slightly up with his win and now has 10 wins. Ichigo wins.

Tsunade vs Yoruichi

They are both teachers. Tsunade has super strength but low durability while Yoruichi is fast and durable. It is not shown yet if Yoruichi has bankai or not but I’m assuming she does. I think she can win this battle without bankai though. Plus Yoruichi used to be a ninja so she still knows hand to hand combat. She also mastered the electric move but I forgot what it’s called. Yoruichi wins.