Yoruichi vs Blake

Suggested by Sonic Yoruichi and Blake are both cat based fighters but when it comes to power Yoruichi is in a league of her own. She can move faster than the eye can see and her power was enough to force even Aizen to block. A single blow would completely shatter Blake and there won’t be any possible way to evade the hit either. Yoruichi wins.

Yoruichi vs Sheele

We’ve made it to the final round of the tournament. Both fighters did well to make it this far, but only one can win. Despite being the grand final I dare say that Yoruichi had a tougher fight against Crona. Sheele’s a strong fighter, but one who has to rely on one gimmick with is her fast scissor swings. There really isn’t much she can do once she is up against an opponent who can get past that. That’s why Yoruichi is one of the worst possible matchups for her. Yoruichi can easily zip in and out of the weapon’s range while launching attacks. Sheele will not be able to defend against them and will quickly be taken down for the count. Yoruichi wins.

She has officially claimed victory in this latest tournament!

Here’s a link to the full tournament bracket. https://challonge.com/d3ymsp1u

Yoruichi vs Crona

Crona is extremely durable while Yoruichi’s power is off the charts. It’s a classic case of power vs defense and this is one case where the attack definitely edges out the defense. Crona won’t be able to keep up with Yoruichi’s speed and she can even kick things up another notch with her final form. She will be the fighter to make it to the grand finals of this tournament. Yoruichi wins.

Raiden Mei vs Yoruichi

Raiden Mei has returned, but she is definitely not quite powerful enough to take down Yoruichi. Yoruichi still has the massive advantage in power and speed. Raiden Mei has a lot of powerful techniques up her sleeve as well, but they will not be enough to conquer Yoruichi. They simply aren’t meant to combat such a speedy menace and Raiden certainly has never encountered an opponent this powerful. Yoruichi wins.

Atsushi Murasakibara vs Yoruichi

From all of the tournament matches this is easily the most one sided one. Atsushi isn’t even a fighter, the guy’s just really good at basketball. There isn’t really anything he can hope to do against Yoruichi here. She has super speed and a ton of useful attacks up her sleeve. It will not be difficult for her in the slightest to take him out in a single move. She won’t even need to try. Yoruichi wins.

Yoruichi vs He Man

Yoruichi is back after not fighting on the blog for a long, long time. He Man may be a powerful guy, but he lacks the speed that Yoruichi has. Yoruichi could beat him with incredible ease thanks to her Shunko. Though even without it He Man wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance in this round. Yoruichi wins.

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Tsunade vs Yoruichi

They are both teachers. Tsunade has super strength but low durability while Yoruichi is fast and durable. It is not shown yet if Yoruichi has bankai or not but I’m assuming she does. I think she can win this battle without bankai though. Plus Yoruichi used to be a ninja so she still knows hand to hand combat. She also mastered the electric move but I forgot what it’s called. Yoruichi wins.