Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Tsunade

Suggested by Anonymous Isshiki Otsutsuki returns for battle and now he’s up against Tsunade. Tsunade has good healing abilities and is strong in her own right, but Isshiki is just on a completely different level. She would not be able to keep up with his attacks and one move could very well end the match. This guy’s just unstoppable. Isshiki Otsutsuki wins.

Tsunade vs Jiraiya

Initially, this was an easy win for Tsunade, but Sage Mode definitely gave Jiraiya a nice boost. It may not be the real thing, but it’s still enough to amp up his strength and speed. Tsunade would have to dodge his Rasengan attacks as one or two of them could be lethal. Tsunade’s awakened form will help her match Jiraiya’s speed and I’d say that her strength is on his level as well. In the end, Tsunade’s healing abilities will prove to be the deciding edge that she needed. Tsunade wins.

Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Tsunade

Hiruzen gets to take on another Hokage, but he won’t fare any better than he did against Minato. Tsunade is easily one of the greatest Kage that the world has ever seen. She’s excellent at healing jutsu and her monstrous strength allows her to overpower just about any other fighter. Hiruzen doesn’t have her stamina and one good punch would likely take him out of the fight, whether Hiruzen is in his prime or not. Tsunade wins.

Mei Terumi vs Tsunade

Mei Terumi and Tsunade are both in high positions of power in their respective groups. Mei Terumi definitely has the long range advantage, but Tsunade would turn it into a close combat fight right away. Tsunade definitely holds the advantage in that area and her immense physical strength would pull out a win for her. Tsunade wins.

Naruto vs Tsunade

Tsunade may be pretty powerful, but Naruto has surpassed her. He is now both stronger and faster than her. Naruto may just be the greatest shinobi of them all! One Giant Rasengan should earn Naruto the win in this round. Tsunade just won’t be able to defend against that attack. Naruto wins.

Thing vs Tsunade

Tsunade has super strength like The Thing, but she’s much faster and in terms of raw power a lot stronger. The Thing may be tough, but in the end he’s not tough enough. He loses this match, but the important thing is that he got another fight and Tsunade got another win. She has moved up the ranks. Tsunade wins.

Tsunade vs Zack (SF)

Well I’m afraid that Zack (SF) is a bit outclassed in this match. Tsunade has super strength which she can use to totally wipe out Zack (SF). Tsunade just needs one good punch and Zack will be wishing he had become a battle character like all of his friends. Tsunade wins.

Tsunade vs Yoruichi

They are both teachers. Tsunade has super strength but low durability while Yoruichi is fast and durable. It is not shown yet if Yoruichi has bankai or not but I’m assuming she does. I think she can win this battle without bankai though. Plus Yoruichi used to be a ninja so she still knows hand to hand combat. She also mastered the electric move but I forgot what it’s called. Yoruichi wins.