Raiden Mei vs Yoruichi

Raiden Mei has returned, but she is definitely not quite powerful enough to take down Yoruichi. Yoruichi still has the massive advantage in power and speed. Raiden Mei has a lot of powerful techniques up her sleeve as well, but they will not be enough to conquer Yoruichi. They simply aren’t meant to combat such a speedy menace and Raiden certainly has never encountered an opponent this powerful. Yoruichi wins.

Raiden Mei vs Yuuki

Yuuki is an excellent swordswoman and a fun character in general. I’d definitely consider her to be one of the better SAO characters. Still, she is up against a particularly talented foe in Raiden. Raiden has complete mastery over lightning and a lot of powerful armors which help her guard against attacks. Her swordsmanship is on the level as well so Yuuki is simply outgunned here. The elemental advantages Raiden possesses will prove to be too much for her. Raiden Mei wins.