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Yoruichi vs Sheele

We’ve made it to the final round of the tournament. Both fighters did well to make it this far, but only one can win. Despite being the grand final I dare say that Yoruichi had a tougher fight against Crona. Sheele’s a strong fighter, but one who has to rely on one gimmick with is her fast scissor swings. There really isn’t much she can do once she is up against an opponent who can get past that. That’s why Yoruichi is one of the worst possible matchups for her. Yoruichi can easily zip in and out of the weapon’s range while launching attacks. Sheele will not be able to defend against them and will quickly be taken down for the count. Yoruichi wins.

She has officially claimed victory in this latest tournament!

Here’s a link to the full tournament bracket.

4 thoughts on “Yoruichi vs Sheele”

    1. Ayame definitely would have been a cool addition. What I did was I grabbed the first 16 characters mentioned in response to a tweet about purple haired characters so Ayame just wasn’t mentioned early enough

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