Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Episode 9 Yoruichi vs He Man

The next battle is now up!! Remember, I usually use the top posts widget as reference for which fights get adapted so remember to keep on viewing =)

He Man was watering some plants on the White House’s backyard. He had been whistling a tune when the radio magically turned on. “Sources say that this mysterious warrior has been taking down crime syndacates around the world. Still, this character is a vigilante and must be arrested for these actions. Sources claim that the warrior is a Cat god who transforms when a full moon is out. He also has 9 lives,” The radio shut off.

“Convenient timing” He Man thought to himself. King Randor ran towards He Man and was in obvious distress. “Those turning turnips have really got me this time!” He yelled as he banged into He Man and hit the ground. “Easy there chum,” He Man said as he let out a hearty laugh and helped Randor up.

They both laughed for a couple of minutes before forgetting why they were laughing. “I have the power!!!!,” He Man yelled as he took out a sword from nowhere and lifted it into the air. “I could have sworn you left that in the house,” King Randor mused.

“Wuzzat? Anyway, I’m going to go stop this evildoer before he puts innocent lives in danger!” He Man yelled as he ran off into the distance. “Oh My!” King Randor exclaimed. He Man ran to a dark alley and saw a cat beating some crooks up.

“My luck never ceases to amaze me!” He Man yelled as he headed towards them. “Let’s scram Billy Bob,” one of the crooks yelled. “Too late Shiny Sam,” the other one yelled as they fainted. “Give yourself up Cat Warrior….I have the POWER!” He Man yelled.

Then he realized that their was a full moon out. Suddenly he realized that his plan had some holes. Nobody knew where to find him! He Man backed up a bit as the cat transformed. The cat took on the appearance of the legendary warrior known as Yoruichi. “The radio said it was a guy”! He Man yelled. It was the first thing that he thought to yell.

Suddenly He Man knew that he would win this fight. He had the POWER after all! “Surrender and you won’t get hurt by the brilliant hammers of Justice,” He Man said as he sheathed his sword. He knew that villains always gave up willingly when he reminded them about the hammers of justice.

“If I’d known that an 80’s charcater would have been around I’d have stayed in New York.” Yoruichi said as she sighed. She lifted up a hand. “I can’t move! I can’t even breathe!” He Man yelled as he was paralyzed. “What manner of trickery is this?! He Man yelled as he struggled. He Man was puzzeled. Nothing could stop him. He had the POWER after all.

He Man began to cry. “That reminds me. If I beat you I get a win in that Tournament Smashers game,” Yoruichi said as she had a flashback. 10 days ago. Ichigo had been blowing up solar systems for the lulz. “Yo, Yoruichi, there’s this new Tournament stuff and it’s gonna rock this world!” as he said that he flew around the world a couple thousand times.

Back in the present Yoruichi shook her head. “Anyway, I guess I’ll humiliate you instead of one shotting you,” Yoruichi said as she lowered her power level. “I’m free!” He Man yelled as he dramatically punched the air. “No sorcery can stop the Power of Greyskull!” He Man said as he took out his sword.

“Have at thee you miscreant,” He Man said as he lunged at Yoruichi and slashed. She lifted her arm which shattered the blade. “Trimming Torpedoes, nobody can break my sword!” He Man yelled as the pieces fell to the ground. “Cmon, try your best shot, I’ll even turn my back,” Yoruichi said as she turned and grabbed some thugs to beat up.

“You’ll pay for this,” He Man yelled as he punched her with all of his might. His hand broke. “AHHHHHHH!” He yelled as he fell to the ground. “This is Madness!” he yelled. At that moment, Ichigo landed from the skies. “Finish him off already,” he whined. “I’m gathering up the whole gang so I can tell you guys about that epic battle I won the other day,” he said as he impatiently started slashing stuff.

“Fine,” Yoruichi said as she raised her power level. He Man fainted. Yoruichi and Ichigo teleported to Soul Society to hear about Ichigo’s latest conquests. When He Man woke up he was a changed man. “From now on I won’t be so overconfident about my power”! he said with brimming confident. He had learned a morale and would completely forget about it the next morning. Whistling he headed back to the White House to trim the plants that he had been watering.


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