Shrieker vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer This one is pretty tricky. Blake easily destroys Shrieker from his first appearance. That guy wasn’t super powerful or anything and the leech bombs are limited but then he returned in his hell mode later on. His speed and strength were greatly improved. Blake is fast too and should keep this as a close fight but I do think Shrieker’s stats are better. Mix in his really impressive durability and she won’t be able to deal enough damage to him in time. It would be game over. Shrieker wins.

Yoruichi vs Blake

Suggested by Sonic Yoruichi and Blake are both cat based fighters but when it comes to power Yoruichi is in a league of her own. She can move faster than the eye can see and her power was enough to force even Aizen to block. A single blow would completely shatter Blake and there won’t be any possible way to evade the hit either. Yoruichi wins.

Blake vs Snail

Suggested by Destroyer A Snail is one of those creatures who doesn’t appear to be all that formidable at first glance. The thing is, this doesn’t change in the 2nd or third glance either because a Snail just isn’t very tough. They crawl around with passion but don’t have a whole lot of attacks at their disposal. I think it would be a simple matter for Blake to just trap him in a jar. Blake wins.

Percy Jackson vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer Blake hasn’t had a big fight in a while to show off her true power, but we know that she is still far ahead of Percy. Her speed was enough to help Adam take down an army of robots and in the tournament she performed well with the other members of team RWBY. I’m afraid that Percy will be getting speedblitzed for the entire match. The poor guy just doesn’t stand a chance. Blake wins.

Bart Simpson vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer Blake is a very strong Huntress and she will definitely be able to take the win here. Her shadow clones come in many different elements and if the rock one trapped Bart he would be unable to break free. Such a feat would take far more strength than he currently possesses. Bart may have lost this round, but he shall be back someday. Blake wins.

Han Solo vs Blake

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Suggested by Destroyer Han Solo may be one of the bravest pilots on the block but that’s really not enough to deal with an opponent as quick and strong as Blake. Blake has her element clones at the ready and destroying one risks getting the attacker injured in the process. Blake is also quite fast and strong so she will be able to dodge Han’s shots and deliver the knockout blow. Blake wins.

Blake vs Weiss

Blake has not gotten too many big fights in the series but she has certainly proven her skills. You could make the case that she was stronger or at least more adept at combat than Weiss in the first two volumes. I would say that Weiss has closed the gap with her summon though. Blake’s bullets will have no effect against the knight and Weiss’ glyphs allow her to match Blake’s speed. Weiss wins.

Jack Torrance vs Blake

Blake has had a really boring subplot that has held her back over the last two years of RWBY, but that isn’t really her fault. She’s still a fairly strong protagonist and her Gunblade skills will be too much for Jack. He can grab his hatchet, but it just won’t be enough to tip the scales in his favor. He’s completely outmatched here and even if he was 10 years younger I don’t think it would make much of a difference. He’d still be outmatched. Blake wins.

Blake vs Kaonashi

Blake’s shadow clones are certainly handy to have and they enhance her already formidable athletic skills. Kaonashi is a scary opponent who will freeze opponents in place with his fearsome presence. However, Blake doesn’t scare very easily and I would definitely pick her to win a fight with relative ease. Kaonashi would be speed blitzed quite badly and wouldn’t be able to counter strike. Blake wins.