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Bart Simpson vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer Blake is a very strong Huntress and she will definitely be able to take the win here. Her shadow clones come in many different elements and if the rock one trapped Bart he would be unable to break free. Such a feat would take far more strength than he currently possesses. Bart may have lost this round, but he shall be back someday. Blake wins.

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Bart Simpson vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Bart won’t do any better against Pyrrha than he did against Cinder. Pyrrha is a hand to hand master who also has magnetic abilities at her disposal. This puts her way above Bart when it comes to abilities. He has some mean skateboarding tricks up his sleeve which is certainly handy and makes for a good story, but it won’t be all that useful in a fight. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

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Bart Simpson vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Bart Simpson is a kid who doesn’t really care for authority too much. That’s too bad for him because disobeying Cinder means an early death. Her fire abilities will be far too much for him and Bart doesn’t have enough speed to dodge any of her attacks. He was doomed as soon as the fight started and at the end of the day he wouldn’t have even been able to have put up a fight against Cinder before she became a maiden. Cinder wins.

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Bart Simpson vs Bass

Bart Simpson is back, but now he’s up against the limitless power of Bass! Bass can just end the planet with a single Darkness Overload attack so it’s safe to say that Bart won’t be able to do anything about such a technique. The match will be over in an instant and that’s typically how matches involving Bass end. It’s simply inevitable. Bass wins.

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Balki Bartokomous vs Bart Simpson

As tough as Balki Bartokomous is, I don’t think that he can take down Bart. Bart’s just a kid upon first glance, but after that is when you realize that he is actually quite deadly. He’s a good shot and one bullet would be enough to take Balki out of the fight. Balki is a decent fighter I suppose, but he’s just a regular guy. He’s never had proper hand to hand combat training and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Bart is more of a professional than Balki and his guns will lead him to victory. Bart Simpson wins.

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Bart Simpson vs Beavis

Cornholio (1)
Bart Simpson is pretty tough and all, but can he win this round? He has his cupcakes and his alternate identities, but in the end they may not be enough. Beavis seems like more of a fighter. He’ll land some good shots in and show the world why he takes the win. Beavis wins.

With his guns, Bart now takes the win here. Bart Simpson wins.