Shrieker vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer This one is pretty tricky. Blake easily destroys Shrieker from his first appearance. That guy wasn’t super powerful or anything and the leech bombs are limited but then he returned in his hell mode later on. His speed and strength were greatly improved. Blake is fast too and should keep this as a close fight but I do think Shrieker’s stats are better. Mix in his really impressive durability and she won’t be able to deal enough damage to him in time. It would be game over. Shrieker wins.

Shrieker vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Shrieker was definitely one of the first Bleach villains to pop up so you may not think much of him but he did get a super form close to the events of the 4th movie. It makes him more of a threat which is nice for his fans but I definitely don’t think it puts him in the same league as Cinder. I’m afraid that he is about to get burned. Cinder wins.