Shaggy vs Weiss

This is a tribute to Return to Zombie Island. Shaggy is so determined to get away from cases that he is now even getting the rest of the gang to sign a contract so they won’t get into the ring. I dare say that this makes him even worse than usual here since he even forgets about the contract. He’s not ready to fight a seasoned vet like Weiss. She would quickly be able to take care of him with or without her dust crystals. Weiss wins.

Jinora vs Weiss

Jinora is definitely a tough character who doesn’t back down to anyone. Courage alone is not enough to win a fight though and it’s safe to say that Weiss physically has the edge here. She can use her glyphs to hop around with tremendous speed and completely overwhelm Jinora. Jinora has no real counter to that. Weiss wins.

Yang vs Weiss

Weiss is a very versatile fighter and her knight can definitely cause Yang a lot of trouble. That being said, it will likely take up quite a bit of energy to summon it and Weiss will be vulnerable if she uses it. Yang’s gauntlets will keep Weiss on the run and should help her break out of any ice traps. It’s a pretty close fight and should go down to the wire. Weiss may even surprise me and take the win someday but not this day. Yang wins.

Blake vs Weiss

Blake has not gotten too many big fights in the series but she has certainly proven her skills. You could make the case that she was stronger or at least more adept at combat than Weiss in the first two volumes. I would say that Weiss has closed the gap with her summon though. Blake’s bullets will have no effect against the knight and Weiss’ glyphs allow her to match Blake’s speed. Weiss wins.

Chris Walker vs Weiss

Chris Walker may be good at outlasting his opponents in most fights, but that’s only something he can do when they’re evenly matched. This fight is anything but even to be honest and Weiss will be running circles around him all day. The guy just won’t be able to keep up and her intense rapier skills mean that she is always on the offensive. Chris will barely have time to draw his gun before she freezes him. Weiss wins.

Weiss vs Menos Grande

Weiss may not seem like the nicest person at first glance but she’s gotten better since the start of the series. Her quick rapier style of combat makes her a difficult opponent for close quarters. A Menos Grande simply won’t be able to stand up to her for very long. He will be frozen before he can even retaliate and that’s assuming he hasn’t already been destroyed by her knight. Weiss wins.