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Yang (Street Fighter) vs Yang

This one’s a bit of an easy match, but I had to do it when I found out that there was another character called Yang. The Street Fighter character can fight pretty well, but he isn’t nearly fast enough to give Yang a true fight. Her semblance also gives her a big edge here as it makes her stronger and stronger as she takes damage. It’s hard to really get past something like that. Yang wins.

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Yang vs Zaraki
Yang is a skilled fighter who excels at various forms of combat including close quarters and long range. That being said, I don’t think she could stop Zaraki here. While Zaraki isn’t quite as fast as some of the other high end Bleach characters, he is still fast enough to be a little quicker than Yang. Her semblance will help her keep the fight close but with Zaraki’s iconic defensive abilities she won’t be landing nearly enough damage in time here. I’m afraid that her road ends early this time. Zaraki wins.

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Atlas vs Yang
Suggested by Destroyer Atlas is a strong robot with an impressive amount of speed. However, this simply won’t be enough for him to contend with Yang’s combat speed. Yang can propel herself through the air with her gauntlets to simulate fight and is the vastly superior hand to hand fighter here. If the fight turns into a close quarters affair then the match will be over and Yang will inevitably close the gap. Yang wins.

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Yang vs Bass


Yang had a really good streak of wins, but it’s time for that to finally snap. She will now experience true power as she goes up against the strongest character in all of media. As fast and skilled in hand to hand combat as Yang is, Bass is even better in both areas. He’s not a one trick pony by any stretch of the imagination and has such a versatile skill set that defeating him has proved to be impossible. His quick attacks will overpower Yang. Bass wins.

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Kuei vs Yang

Kuei is a tough Korra character and a being who has a great amount of dark power. Still, it won’t be enough to defeat a character who burns as bright as Yang. Yang’s bullets will deal a decent amount of damage while also allowing her to move across the battlefield at super speed. Kuei won’t even be able to react to these quick blows until it is much too late. Yang wins.

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Rosemarie Hathaway vs Yang

Hathaway is a tough fighter as being a Dhampire does give her physical abilities a rather solid boost. That being said, I think she is still outmatched by Yang here. Yang destroyed a very durable mech suit in a single punch and her skills have likely improved a fair deal since then. Yang’s hand to hand skills are superior to Rosemarie’s as well. Yang wins.

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Namorita vs Yang

Namorita has some decent super strength at her disposal but it’s nothing next to Yang’s abilities. She destroyed a powerful giant robot in a single punch (It was weakened though) and her speed is on a different level. Namorita will really not be able to keep up and Yang’s berserk mode will really seal the deal. Yang wins.

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Joystick vs Yang

Joystick is a reasonably strong fighter. She has some basic super strength and speed at her disposal. That being said, she won’t be able to keep up with Yang. Yang’s berserk mode will definitely improve her physical abilities past Joystick’s level. Yang’s projectiles are also fast enough to force Joystick to keep her distance or risk a quick defeat. Yang wins.

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Orser Kleinz vs Yang

Orser Kleinz will be Yang’s latest victim. Her aura will make her completely immune to all of his attacks and of course she gets even stronger the more the fight drags out. She can snipe him from afar or beat him up in close quarters combat. Either way she will definitely be claiming victory here as his armor just isn’t up to snuff against her attacks. Yang wins.

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Yang vs Weiss

Weiss is a very versatile fighter and her knight can definitely cause Yang a lot of trouble. That being said, it will likely take up quite a bit of energy to summon it and Weiss will be vulnerable if she uses it. Yang’s gauntlets will keep Weiss on the run and should help her break out of any ice traps. It’s a pretty close fight and should go down to the wire. Weiss may even surprise me and take the win someday but not this day. Yang wins.