Chris Walker vs Wonder Woman


Suggested by iKnowledge Chris Walker is a fairly scary opponent to have to deal with. That said, Wonder Woman has taken on opponents who can destroy entire worlds with ease. There’s really nothing Chris can do to even try and get the upper hand in this fight. Wonder Woman moves fast enough where I have my doubts on if he could even follow her movements with his eyes. Wonder Woman wins.

Chris Walker vs Hisoka

Suggested by Sonic Chris Walker may be a pretty scary guy but he’s not going to do anything in this round. Hisoka is far more pwoerful than he will ever be and has several special abilities thanks to his Nen. Hisoka’s Bungee Gum has the properties of both gum and rubber. This means that Chris is stuck playing defense and Hisoka just needs one clean hit to take the guy out of the picture. Hisoka wins.

Eddie Gluskin vs Chris Walker

Suggested by Random Eddie Gluskin is another Outlast villain, but I don’t think he can handle Chris either. Eddie doesn’t really have any super abilities so at the end of the day he’s just an ordinary joe with a few weapons. Chris could easily down him in a single punch. Eddie is quicker, but not to the extent where it would make much of a difference. Whenever he engages Chris in battle it will all be over. Chris Walker wins.

Chris Walker vs Marta

Suggested by Random Both of these villains are pretty well feared in the Outlast universe. Chris Walker has a great amount of strength as he can break through steel, but he’s slow. Marta is certainly quicker and she has a cross which greatly increases her range of attack. She is fairly strong as well. So who ultimately has the edge in a fight like this? I’m inclined to say that Chris would come out on top since he should be able to just grab Marta’s weapon and then claim victory. Chris Walker wins.

Chris Walker vs Weiss

Chris Walker may be good at outlasting his opponents in most fights, but that’s only something he can do when they’re evenly matched. This fight is anything but even to be honest and Weiss will be running circles around him all day. The guy just won’t be able to keep up and her intense rapier skills mean that she is always on the offensive. Chris will barely have time to draw his gun before she freezes him. Weiss wins.

Chris Walker vs Richard Trager

Suggested by Random It’s time for two villains from the Outlast video games to duke it out. Chris is fairly strong thanks to his rather bulky body, but it also means that he is slow. Richard is thin and fragile in comparison but he can be quite cunning. In a battle of wits he would be sure to come out on top, but in a match of brawn like this one…I’m afraid the guy just doesn’t have a chance. In a battle of roughly normal individuals, the stronger one will typically prevail. Chris Walker wins.