Chris Walker vs Richard Trager

Suggested by Random It’s time for two villains from the Outlast video games to duke it out. Chris is fairly strong thanks to his rather bulky body, but it also means that he is slow. Richard is thin and fragile in comparison but he can be quite cunning. In a battle of wits he would be sure to come out on top, but in a match of brawn like this one…I’m afraid the guy just doesn’t have a chance. In a battle of roughly normal individuals, the stronger one will typically prevail. Chris Walker wins.

4 thoughts on “Chris Walker vs Richard Trager

  1. You’re right about Chris winning but here’s the thing that makes Chris one of the most terrifying variants in Outlast. This guy is actually quite clever being an ex-military police member and he is the only variant that can track you down through the whole game, appearing in most areas where you enter. He’s also pretty fast for a big guy.

    • Yeah, I was reading his bio page and he is a lot more athletic than you’d expect. Richard’s only hope was if he could outrun Chris and use some hit and run tactics, but they just aren’t possible against Chris.

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