Harribel vs Crona

Suggested by Sonic Crona is tough to stop thanks to the fact that her sword can emit sonic waves and she even has a bit of a healing factor. That just won’t be enough against Harribel. Harribel’s speed is legendary and her attack power is absolutely deadly. There is little that Crona would be able to do in order to keep Harribel afar and once the two are at close range the fight will be over. They are in different leagues in terms of power levels. Harribel wins.

Yoruichi vs Crona

Crona is extremely durable while Yoruichi’s power is off the charts. It’s a classic case of power vs defense and this is one case where the attack definitely edges out the defense. Crona won’t be able to keep up with Yoruichi’s speed and she can even kick things up another notch with her final form. She will be the fighter to make it to the grand finals of this tournament. Yoruichi wins.

Touka Kirishima vs Crona

This match plays out similar to the last match Crona had. Both of the Kirishimas have similar abilities and they are not a match for Crona’s. Crona has a massive aura which will already put up some resistance to their attacks and then you have to factor in just how durable the guy is. Touka has a good amount of regeneration so it’s not like this will be an easy match, but Crona definitely has the advantage here thanks in large part to his speed and durability as well. Cutting through the black blood is not easy. Crona wins.

Crona vs Ayato Kirishima

Crona was always a powerful foe, but after he merged more and more with his sword and the black blood his abilities really got strong. Then he even got to merge with the ultimate evil and attained a new level of power. At that point his abilities are even higher than Ayato’s. Ayato has his demon control and in his winged form has great amounts of strength and durability. His greatest asset is likely his regenerative abilities, but that will only buy him some time. Crona wins.