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Touka Kirishima vs Crona

This match plays out similar to the last match Crona had. Both of the Kirishimas have similar abilities and they are not a match for Crona’s. Crona has a massive aura which will already put up some resistance to their attacks and then you have to factor in just how durable the guy is. Touka has a good amount of regeneration so it’s not like this will be an easy match, but Crona definitely has the advantage here thanks in large part to his speed and durability as well. Cutting through the black blood is not easy. Crona wins.

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Touka Kirishima vs Shinoa

Touka Kirishima and Shinoa both have powerful angelic like abilities that may not be as heroic as they seem. Still, Touka’s had a lot of experience using these in battle compared to Shinoa who isn’t able to consciously even use such skills. Shinoa may grow to be even stronger than Touka someday, but right now I don’t think she is quite a match. Touka’s projectiles will assure she has the edge in offense and her speed is equal if not greater than Shinoa’s. Touka Kirishima wins.