Blair (Soul Eater) vs Sheele

It’s time for the semi finals of the purple haired tournament. Blair made it pretty far but this is the end of the road for her. Her surprise pumpkin attacks will not do much here since Sheele is certainly fast enough to block and counter the hits. Sheele’s attacks are also quite deadly and one slash would end this fight. Blair has her magic skills, but none of them are enough to protect against such a foe. Sheele wins.

Sarutobi Ayame vs Blair (Soul Eater)

This is a tricky fight. Sarutobi is trained for combat and has a lot more experience than Blair. Her techniques are numerous and she won’t be falling for any of Blair’s tricks. That being said, Blair’s shown great speed during her fights in the past and her pumpkin blaster has a lot of firepower. While Sarutobi has lasers of her own, I just don’t see her quite being a match here. Blair is still too quick and her destructive power means that a few good shots will end the match. Blair (Soul Eater) wins.

Mizore Shirayuki vs Blair (Soul Eater)

Mizore Shirayuki is a skilled ice fighter, but this is a tough match up for her since Blair’s attacks are all explosive based. While Blair isn’t necessarily a fire fighter, it’ll be tough for ice to stay strong while explosions are weakening it from all sides. Blair is also very fast and can turn into a cat which will help her dodge attacks as well. Mizore definitely has some good moves, but they’re all for naught if they can’t land and I do think that she will have an incredibly difficult time trying to get the decisive blow. Blair (Soul Eater) wins.