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Sarutobi Ayame vs Blair (Soul Eater)

This is a tricky fight. Sarutobi is trained for combat and has a lot more experience than Blair. Her techniques are numerous and she won’t be falling for any of Blair’s tricks. That being said, Blair’s shown great speed during her fights in the past and her pumpkin blaster has a lot of firepower. While Sarutobi has lasers of her own, I just don’t see her quite being a match here. Blair is still too quick and her destructive power means that a few good shots will end the match. Blair (Soul Eater) wins.

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Sarutobi Ayame vs Kanato Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki has some basic super abilities as well as control over fire, but that won’t be enough to stop Ayame. Ayame has a solid mech suit to aid her as well as many upgrades to her glasses like laser blasts. In general her attacks hit a wide area and she is physically superior to Kanato in just about every stat. Ayame’s killer mode is definitely going to be crucial here and it’ll lead to a solid win. Sarutobi Ayame wins.