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Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Luna

Suggested by Sonic Luna is a powerful duelist who commands a dragon in addition to many other units. There’s no way she would be losing to this guy. Arm-Fall-Off Boy’s abilities are pretty self descriptive. He can take out his arm and attack people with it. He poses no danger to Luna as a single one of her monsters could easily best him in combat. She’s also got her spells and traps at the ready. Luna wins.

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Luna vs The Grinch

The Grinch likes to mess with holidays, but when it comes time for an actual fight he isn’t all that skilled. Don’t get me wrong, The Grinch is still stronger than someone like TOAA. However, he can’t hold his own against dragons and the rest of Luna’s powerful deck. She even has spells and traps which can quickly take him down for the count as well. Luna wins.