Mr Mxyzptlk vs Kaiba

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr Mxyzptlk is a tricky Superman villain who is always trying to make a mess of things. What he lacks in traditional fighting ability he makes up for with his reality altering abilities. That won’t be enough to defeat a master duelist like Kaiba though. Kaiba can harness the heart of the cards and summon forth his impressive Obelisk The Tormentor card. With that at his disposal defeat is not an option. A single hit should end the fight. Kaiba wins.

2 thoughts on “Mr Mxyzptlk vs Kaiba

  1. Mr. Mxyzptlk has a chance of beating Kaiba. Seto Kaiba finds it hard to think outside of 3X3=9, which Mr. Mxyzptlk does more often than not. It will test Kaiba’s adaptability if he wins.

    • True, Mxy definitely loves to stay outside the box. Still, Kaiba has some experience with that like when he summoned Obelisk in a duel despite not having the card in his hand. He’ll bend the rules if it means a chance at victory

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