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Anna Williams vs Fred Flintstone

Anna Williams is always overshadowed by Nina in the Tekken games, but her hand to hand skills are at a high level nonetheless. Fred has a club which can deal massive damage, but I don’t think he will be landing any hits on Anna in this battle. She is far too quick and would have him down for the count in the blink of an eye. Anna Williams wins.

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Fred Flintstone vs Kaiba

Kaiba is so skilled that he practically got a whole film devoted to his hype in the Dark Dimension. It reminds me of just how awesome he is and it doesn’t hurt that Kaiba is one of the world’s greatest duelists. His overwhelming legion of monsters can strike down many foes and Fred Flintstone will have to be the victim this time. He has no way to defend himself and I believe Kaiba would win in a fist fight as well. He is simply too skilled in any arena of combat. Kaiba wins.

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Fred Flintstone vs Fred

Fred Flintstone is technically superior to Fred in physical strength since he can easily lift his club as he swings it around, but he’s not a great fighter. He’s not used to having to deal with an opponent to can fight back. Fred is a natural leader and he knows a thing or two about fighting. I see him winning this round with his agility and determination. Fred wins.

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Fred Flintstone vs Geodude

Fred Flintstone is back and now he’s up against Geodude! Geodude can be a pretty tough guy when he wants to be and with a single punch he could probably win this round. Fred Flintstone has some pretty good skills at his disposal, but in the end they won’t be enough to win. Geodude wins.

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Fred Flintstone vs Freddy Krueger

Fred Flintstone may be tough, but in the end he’s still not much of a fighter. Freddy Krueger has a lot more experience in fighting actual battles and could end this right away! One good slash and Fred Flintstone may be down for the count. At least he tried! Freddy Krueger wins