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Fred Flintstone vs Freddy Krueger

Fred Flintstone may be tough, but in the end he’s still not much of a fighter. Freddy Krueger has a lot more experience in fighting actual battles and could end this right away! One good slash and Fred Flintstone may be down for the count. At least he tried! Freddy Krueger wins

6 thoughts on “Fred Flintstone vs Freddy Krueger”

    1. That’s a valid point, but I still have to disagree. Freddy is hardcore because not only is his first name Freddy as opposed to Fred (Freddy>Fred) but he can also fight in hand to hand combat

  1. All Freddy can do is slap him with his woman nails. Fred can just crush him to death with his club of awesomeness. Plus, names that end in y are given to children, but are later changed to be more adult-like. Example: Timmy, Tim, Jimmy, Jim. And since that’s a costume, his nails are plastic. An angry lady with long synthetic nails would be way more of a threat than Freddy.

    1. Those are definitely some decent points. Fred does have the edge in experience and possibly in physical strength as well. He did tame a dinosaur after all! Maybe Freddy should change his name to Fred “Jones” Krueger

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