Anna Williams vs Batgirl (Cassandra)

Suggested by iKnowledge On one hand part of me thinks this is a really close fight. On the other hand, Cassandra has speed blitzed Supergirl, overwhelmed Batman and Deathstroke, and just seems rather crazy with her stats. Anna has a lot of heavy artillery and good hand to hand skills but at this point she would simply be overwhelmed by Batgirl. There wouldn’t be a whole lot that she could do to defend herself. Batgirl (Cassandra) wins.

Anna Williams vs Fred Flintstone

Anna Williams is always overshadowed by Nina in the Tekken games, but her hand to hand skills are at a high level nonetheless. Fred has a club which can deal massive damage, but I don’t think he will be landing any hits on Anna in this battle. She is far too quick and would have him down for the count in the blink of an eye. Anna Williams wins.

Anna Williams vs Nina Williams

Nina Williams is the same as Anna except Stronger, Faster, and Smarter. Anna Williams never had a shot of taking down Nina. Anna drops again. The Arc now ends, and it was a great experience. The next arc might be even more epic. Nina Williams wins.