Batgirl (Cassandra) vs Christie

Christie is a pretty talented fighter. She’s come a long way in the Dead or Alive games and you know that no fighter will do well there unless they are exceptionally good at hand to hand combat. Well that will help put her in the running, but it won’t be enough to stop Cassandra. This Batgirl was trained by Lady Shiva and has consistently shown herself to be a very exceptional fighter. Christie’s training simply isn’t sufficient and Batgirl would completely dominate her in this fight. Batgirl (Cassandra) wins.

Noel Vermillion vs Batgirl (Cassandra)

Suggested by iKnowledge Cassandra is known as the most powerful Batgirl and I would agree with that 100%. She has shown time and time again that her skills are the real deal. Still, she isn’t a match for a character with as many abilities and skills as Noel. Noel has guns that can blast through just about anything as well as other energy attacks and super speed. Noel’s stats simply aren’t human so no matter how skilled Batgirl gets, she still ends up being left behind by the end. Noel Vermillion wins.

Batman vs Batgirl (Cassandra)

Batgirl (Cassandra) is back and she’s up against Batman! Her hand to hand skills are extremely advanced and in her prime maybe even a match for Batman’s! Still, Batman has a lot of super skills of his own. With them, Batman can win this match with a lot of ease. Batman wins.

Batgirl (Cassandra) vs Donna Troy

Batgirl (Cassandra) knows a lot of hand to hand techniques, but she lacks powers. Donna Troy is essentially Wonder Woman and could beat Batgirl (Cassandra) pretty easily. Batgirl (Cassandra) just doesn’t have quite the firepower or speed that Donna Troy has. Batgirl (Cassandra) loses her first round. Donna Troy wins.