Superboy vs Donna Troy

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of DC powerhouses. Both of these fighters have had great showings in the past. Donna has kept up with Wonder Woman and Superboy has performed well against fighters like Doomsday and Supergirl. Ultimately the reason why I would say Superboy has the edge here is he tends to outrank Donna in both speed and strength. Her hand to hand skills are better but they’re not so much so that it would remove the gap between them. The battle goes in much the same way that Superman vs Wonder Woman does. Superboy wins.

Julia Chang vs Donna Troy

Suggested by iKnowledge Julia Chang has some good hand to hand combat skills to be sure, but she is ultimately still no match for Donna Troy. The big deciding factor here is that Donna Troy is considerably more powerful. A single punch would be able to break through any of Chang’s guards and deal absolutely crazy damage. Julia Chang just would not be getting up from a blow like that. Donna Troy wins.

Donna Troy vs Zodd

Suggested by iKnowledge Zodd is definitely a powerful beast from Berserk. His strength certainly can’t be underestimated and his flying speed is great as well. I do think Donna Troy has the edge in mobility though. She can turn on a dime and in combat will be able to dish out more attacks than Zodd will be able to block. I think this will be key to her victory. She’ll just be able to dish out more attacks and while it will take a lot of hits to bring Zodd down, it’ll happen. Donna Troy wins.

Dagger vs Donna Troy

Suggested by iKnowledge Dagger is a pretty skilled mage for sure. Her healing abilities will make this a dangerous fight if Donna doesn’t take her out immediately. She also has a nice variety of summons including the Bahamut which will help her defenses. That being said, I think Donna’s speed will be enough to get around them. She doesn’t necessarily have to beat the monsters to take down Dagger after all. She can hold her own against them for as long as it takes until she gets to Dagger. Dagger just doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to keep away long enough to win. Donna Troy wins.

Donna Troy vs Bass

Donna Troy is a pretty powerful fighter! She has Super Strength and pretty great speed. Of course she’s fighting a being who pretty much invented the word speed! Bass cannot be matched in power or speed. He’s just far too powerful! With one blast he can do some pretty massive damage. Bass wins.

Batgirl (Cassandra) vs Donna Troy

Batgirl (Cassandra) knows a lot of hand to hand techniques, but she lacks powers. Donna Troy is essentially Wonder Woman and could beat Batgirl (Cassandra) pretty easily. Batgirl (Cassandra) just doesn’t have quite the firepower or speed that Donna Troy has. Batgirl (Cassandra) loses her first round. Donna Troy wins.