Noel Vermillion vs Batgirl (Cassandra)

Suggested by iKnowledge Cassandra is known as the most powerful Batgirl and I would agree with that 100%. She has shown time and time again that her skills are the real deal. Still, she isn’t a match for a character with as many abilities and skills as Noel. Noel has guns that can blast through just about anything as well as other energy attacks and super speed. Noel’s stats simply aren’t human so no matter how skilled Batgirl gets, she still ends up being left behind by the end. Noel Vermillion wins.

Noel Vermillion vs Krul Tepes

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Noel is a strong fighter who excels at long range combat. In her true form her abilities skyrocket and she can command large swords telepathically. That being said, while her speed is great I don’t think it is quite a match for Krul’s. Krul was easily able to dispatch both Crowley and Ferid. While she does let her guard down a little too easily, I don’t think she would have much of a problem dodging Noel’s attacks. Then she can counter attack at her leisure. Krul Tepes wins.

Noel Vermillion vs Bass

Noel Vermillion is back, but this time she’s fighting Bass. Bass is far too powerful for any being to try and defeat. With one blast he’s taken down many opponents. Noel Vermillion will fall just as easily. She may have a gun and hand to hand skills, but Bass is invincible! Bass wins.

Zane vs Noel Vermillion

Noel Vermillion is no match for the power of Zane. While she knows advanced hand to hand skills, she just can’t compete with the power of Zane. Zane has all of his cards at his disposal and would win fast. Zane wins.

But with her super form Zane can’t beat her. Noel Vermillion wins.